Resolve -R is undefined error on Ubuntu 12.4 64bit -Android

Almost every Android developer  encounters this error  once  during their development . The  error is related to class not getting auto-generated on compilation of Android . Usually it is caused by some error in xml file or resource naming . At other times  even though it is not the case Eclipse seems to add “android.R” import  in  your files .So this issues are usually solved by :

IF any error in xml  file check and resolve that . 

Make sure the naming conventions is followed in naming resources .

Then perform CLEAN  your project. BUILD   it and see file is generate in gen folder .

At sometimes  if above  process does not work ; CREATE a file in gen folder and CLEAN  and again BUILD the project .This will result in warning  however proceed and should  get  resolved.

The above steps will help  you to resolve “R not defined ” or R not getting generated error .

Also if you happen to use Ubuntu  and have 64 bit machine  and  even  trying  the above steps does not resolve the issue   then it seems  lib32  architecture libraries are not installed in your machine . Make sure  you  install them using :

sudo apt-get install ia32-lib

And  restart eclipse and again generate the code  and it should resolve the issue .

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